Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Quick Return and a Long Return

Surprisingly, I had two returns today.  I've been hoping to get back my Jim Perry 1963 Western Oil print so when I saw the big envelope in the mailbox I assumed that was it.  However, it was Sam Mele who returned his print, in just 5 days!

I also had a regular sized envelope waiting for me and was very happy to find a signed 1972 Topps Chris Chambliss card inside.  I sent this to Mr. Chambliss in November of 2010, and received in back in 789 days.

I spent a lot of time yesterday getting TwinsFest binders ready for my older son and me.  It's just the two of us this year.  I have a few cards I want to get signed, mostly Topps Heritage and Allen & Ginters from the last couple of years.  I also bought a bunch of photos to get signed.  I don't intend to get any balls, bats, bobbleheads, or anything like that signed, so at least I won't have a lot to carry.

Many of the players only have a couple of cards since they're so new.  I ordered a bunch from

I was hoping there would be a few players from the 1991 team that I needed on the World Series bobbleheads, but I don't see any of those guys on the list.

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Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice return on the Mele. I'm getting ready to send a few cards to him myself.

Stoked to hit Twinsfest! I'm kinda bummed about paying for autos (I did the auto thing a few years ago and everyone was free!) but it should still be a good time! If you are around we should meet up once inside. Drop me a line if you're game.