Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Last of Johnny's Autographs - Sunday

I've got all my items scanned, but haven't updated the web site I use to catalog all of my collection.  I'll need some time this weekend to do that.  Tonight, I'll post the rest of the autographs that Johnny got on Sunday.

While I was in line for Morneau, Johnny got in line for Rod Carew and Brad Radke.  He had purchase da cool print of a painting of Carew, but it was an item that Carew wouldn't sign.  Luckily, Johnny had a 1971 Topps in his binder so he got that signed instead.  He had Radke sign a card as well.

Since we didn't get our wristbands drawn for Mauer, we were really only interested in a a couple of signings in the last session, so we had  a lot of time to kill.   While were wandered around the card show, we went into the Twins Pro Shop area and discovered some game used bats at 50% off.  They had some cool Kubel and Delmon Young bats, but since we didn't think we'd ever be able to get them signed, we passed.  However, they did have some Denard Span bats, so we scooped them up and headed upstairs to get in line for him, even though he wasn't signing for quite a while.

While we waited for Span, the Jamey Carroll/Ben Revere line was almost empty, so Johnny ran over there and got a couple of cards signed.  He really likes the 2011 Allen & Ginter cards and got four of them signed over the weekend.  Too bad we'll have a tough time getting Kubel and Young on that set (and Thome!).


Finally, it was time to see Denard Span and Johnny got his bat signed.

In the last session, Johnny went through a line with Frank Quilici, Joe Benson, Jeff Gray and Anthony
Swarzak.  He had Swarzak and Quilici sign pictures, and had Gray and Benson sign a Target Field picture already signed by Joe Vavra.

Sunday seemed a little slower than the other days.  We went through fewer lines, but got some really nice autographs.

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