Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whew - We're Done

We're home now.  After we got Denard Span to sign our bats, we went down to the Dome floor and Johnny got Frank Quilici to sign a picture, as well as Swarzak on a picture, Jeff Gray and someone else I can't remember right now (I'm very tired).

Then we headed back upstairs and got in line for Morris, Tapani and Tom Kelly.  It was close, but we got through that line at the very end.  Tom Kelly insisted that silver pen on the bobblehead's blue cap wouldn't work, so I said to sign it however he thought it would look best.  He picked up a black pen and I assumed he was going to sign the base or the jersey, but then signed the brim of the blue cap in black sharpie.  You can hardly see it.  Oh well.

As usual, when we got home we put all of our autographs from the weekend on the dining room table.  We couldn't get a consistent count, but we got somewhere between 115 and 120 autographs, including 7 bats (4 were game used) and 9 bobbleheads.

I'll spend most of the day tomorrow photographing and scanning all these items to post to our personal web sites, then I'll post about all the items over the next several days (or weeks).

I ran into a few acquaintances that I've met via my blog or including Zane, Randy and Joel.  Good to see you guys!

It's not even 7:00, but I'm exhausted and heading to bed. 


The Lost Collector said...

Awesome haul. Seems like you guys had a blast.

RJ said...

Looks great.

cynicalbuddha said...

That is a sweet sweet haul, sounds like you guys had a blast.

Kyle said...

Wow. Not bad!

unclemoe said...