Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Older Son's TwinsFest Autographs

I've spent most of the evening scanning in all my TwinsFest items, but I haven't updated my web site yet.  That will take a few more evenings to complete, then I'll post them here.

Tonight I'll start posting my older son's items.  He spent Friday night going through lines with my wife while I was with my younger son.  He and my wife were interviewed by the local Fox News crew and appeared on the news briefly that night, with my wife describing how we organize for the event and where we display everything.  My wife doesn't collect autographs, so I prepare a binder for her to get me some autographs as she takes my son around.

Anyway, the first station was Nick Blackburn, Scott Baker, Alexi Casilla and Matt Capps.  My son had them all sign cards except Casilla, who he had sign a game-used bat that he had previously purchased at the Twins Pro Shop.

Next, they went to a line with Drew Butera and Denard Span.  Alex Burnett was supposed to be there but didn't make it for some reason.

Next up was Shannon Stewart, Jacque Jones, Jerry White and Joe Vavra.  We never have anything for Vavra to sign, we'll have to look harder next year.  Johnny had him sign a Target Field photo.

They were also able to get through another line during the third session: Brian Duensing, Ryan Doumit, Trevor Plouffe and Rene Tosoni.  During the last game of the 2011 season, we had seats right in back of the Twins dugout.  In the middle of the first inning, Plouffe tossed Johnny a ball that he caught as the last out as he headed back to the dug out.  Johnny had him sign that ball for him.

Finally, the were the VERY last people to get through the last line with Dan Gladden, Kent Hrbek and Brad Radke.  The people actually tried to cut off the line right in front of them, but somehow they managed to talk them in to letting them through.  Johnny had Hrbek sign a 1987 World Series program already signed by Roy Smalley, Tom Kelly, Gene Larkin and Gladden.

It was a pretty busy night!  Tomorrow I'll post at least some of his autographs from Saturday.

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