Monday, January 30, 2012

My Younger Son's TwinsFest Autographs

I spent most of the day today scanning in both my son's items from TwinsFest.  I got all of their items done, and barely started on mine.

My younger son only went Friday night.  He doesn't care for the crowds, and he's a bit more practical than me and my older son in that he knows he doesn't have any more room to store his collection.

I spent Friday night with him while my wife went with my older son.

First, we went to a line with Joe Benson, Ben Revere and Kyle Waldrop.  Scott Diamond was supposed to be there but didn't show up until later in the evening.  My son had Benson sign a card, Revere sign a picture, and Waldrop sign a card.


We didn't go to a line in the second session, but in the third session we made it through two line.  In the first, we saw Shannon Stewart, Jacque Jones, Jerry White and  Joe Vavra.

The second line we went through was Brian Duensing, Ryan Doumit, Trevor Plouffe and Rene Tosoni (who signed the Target Field picture that Vavra signed above).

In the last session, we saw newcomers Josh Willingham and Jason Marquis.

After this last line, I went back down to the Dome floor to hit another line while David went through the Willingham and Marquis line with his older brother, who had been waiting in other line but had my wife keep his spot while he went through this line quickly.

Not too bad for just one evening.  We could have done more, but this was all he was interested in.  We had time to look around the card show for a while as well.  He was disappointed there were no spinning wheels or dice games.  They must have banned those this year.  He didn't find anything he wanted to buy at the show.

Tomorrow I'll start posting my older son's items.  He had quite a bit more as he was there all three days.  Hopefully I can get more of my items scanned in as well.

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Pirates Treasure Room said...

Looks like a great time. If Doumit can stay healthy for a season, you'll love him. I was really mad when the Pirates didn't make an offer to resign him.