Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Last of my TwinsFest Cards

I added a couple more 2008 Topps Heritage cards to my collection during TwinsFest.

Denard Span signed his, which is one of his rookie cards.

And Delmon Young signed his.  I asked him to sign in silver so it would show up on the dark card.

I had a couple miscellaneous cards signed including Jason Kubel on a 2010 Topps Diamond Stars and Pat Neshek on a 2006 Topps '52.

Now on to some vintage cards.  First, I had Paul Molitor sign his 1978 Topps rookie card.

I added a couple more cards to my 1972 set by having Tony Oliva and Rod Carew sign their cards.

And finally, Frank Quilici signed his 1969 Topps for me.

That's it for the cards I got signed this year at TwinsFest.  It's by far more than I've had signed any previous year but that's because I already have most of the players on pictures and balls.

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