Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bob Schmidt and the Last of My Son's TwinsFest Autographs

My son received another return in the mail today, beating me yet again.  Bob Schmidt signed his 1958 Topps.

We went to the TCSCC card show at Valley West Mall in Bloomington today.  I bought about 45 cards form the 1972 Topps set to send out for autographs.  Most were commons, but I bought a few stars including Jim Palmer, Bob Gibson, Yaz, Joe Morgan and Brock.

I've already shown you all of my older son's TwinsFest autographs except for the cards he got signed, so I'll post about those today.  He got quite a few, and especially likes the Allen & Ginter cards.  He got A&G cards of different years signed by Tolbert, Cuddyer, Neshek, Young, Nathan and Blackburn.

 Johnny has also been slowly working on the 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings set and got those cards signed by Joe Nathan and Jason Kubel.

In addition to Rod Carew and Paul Molitor, which I posted about earlier, John also had Jack Morris sign a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game which he is also working on.

He got a few other cards, including some Topps Heritage from various years and other miscellaneous cards.


I might have a couple more miscellaneous items of John's to show.  If I find them, I'll post about them tomorrow.  I think this is most, if not all, of what he got signed this year at TwinsFest.

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