Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Son's 2014 All Star FanFest Autographs

I found a little more time to get some of our FanFest autographs scanned.  This weekend has been very busy as both my sons have baseball tournaments. 6 games between them so far.

Our first line of FanFest was Gaylord Perry.  My son got a ball signed and I got a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game signed for him as well.

As I posted before, we were luck to get through the Juan Marichal line as well.  Again, my son got a ball signed and I got him a 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game signed.

 After Marichal, we went through the Orlando Cepeda line.  John got another ball signed.

The next line was Randy Bush, and John got a bobblehead signed for me.  I'll post my autographs later.  Then, John went to the Jim Perry line.  He got through that line twice in the time it took me to get through the Doug Mientkiewicz line once (Minetkiewicz was 25 minutes late).  Then we both went through the Perry line again, so John got three autographs from him, including a 1964 Topps, a John Wheeldon SuperValu giveaway print, and a SGA 1965 World Series bobblehead.

That's it for my son's autographs.  Next I'll post the few that I got.

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