Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twins Bobbleheads Ebay Purchase

Today I received a few bobbleheads I bought on Ebay.  These aren't rare, or signed, but some that I don't have in my collection yet.

There's probably no way I'll get the Eddie Guardado one signed, but maybe Brad Radke will be at another TwinsFest so I can get his signed.

I'll probably be able to get the Tom Kelly bobblehead signed, right after I get his signed form the 1991 World Series set.  I also bought a Billy Martin.

I'll also be able to get Gardenhire to sign his at TwinsFest, but I doubt I'll ever see A.J. Pierzynski again so his will probably go unsigned.

My rough calculation brings my Twins bobblehead collection set up to about 85.  Yikes, where am I going to put all these?

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