Saturday, October 22, 2011

3rd Quarter Update on 2011 Collecting Goals

Since the update on my collecting goals is over 3 weeks late, you can guess how I'm doing on my actual goals.  My sons and I have been golfing 1-3 times a week, usually on the evenings I would normally be sending out requests.  With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping here in Minnesota, our golfing days are nearly over so my requests should pick up.

Anyway, so much for excuses.  Here's my update:

  1. Send out 250 requests through the mail - As of today I have sent out 178 requests this year.  Hitting 250 is looking to be a challenging goal, especially since I don't have too many cards to send out.
  2. Reach 300 signed 1972 Topps cards - I'm at  289 right now.  300 signed cards by the end of the year is very achievable.
  3. Add 5 more signed bobbleheads to my 1987 Twins bobblehead collection.  So far I've added 4: George Frazier, Dan Schatzeder, Keith Atherton and Jeff Reardon.  I still need to add one more by the end of the year and will need to make it a priority to keep my eyes out for an opportunity.  I have recently sent out three bobbleheads from the 1991 set I recently received, but I guess that doesn't count.
  4. Finish the 10 possible John Wheeldon portraits (out of 12) -   I got Rich Reese back a while ago.  I need George Mitterwald and Ron Perranoski.  Unfortunately, Harmon Killebrew passed away.  I sent out the George Mitterwald portrait today along with a couple of 1972 Topps.  I'll send out the Perranoski on Monday.
If I get some cards and spend about 4 evenings writing some letters, I should hit my 1972 Topps set and overall ttm requests goals.  The tough one will be getting that last 1987 Twins bobblehead signed.

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