Thursday, July 07, 2011

Whammy Douglas and Carl Erskine Returns

On Tuesday my son received a 1958 Topps signed by Whammy Douglas.  For a long time, Mr. Douglas was a tough autograph to get but now signs very consistently for just $5.

A while ago I posted about a 1956 Topps I got back signed by Carl Erskine.  I had asked permission in my letter to send a ball and he replied that it would be fine.

Today I got that ball back and it looks great.  I asked Mr. Erskine to inscribe it with whatever he is most proud.  He signed on the sweetspot and added an inscription of "1955 World Series Champs".  On one side panel he inscribed, "No Hit Giants 5/12/56".  On the other side panel he inscribed "No Hit Cubs 6/19/52".

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