Saturday, July 09, 2011

Some Purchases - 1961 Topps and 1953 Topps Archives

I received a few purchases in the mail this week.  I bought a few 1961 Topps from Mickey's Sportscards including Vic Power, Chico Fernandez, Tony Taylor, Hank Sauer and Ted Bowsfield.  These players are either deceased or tough signers, with the exception of Bowfield, but his card was so cheap I bought it anyway.


I also bought a few 1953 Topps Archives (released in 1991) from a fellow member of  I bought a few deceased players that I don't currently have autographs of, including Sal Yvars, Cal Hogue, Ben Wade  and Toby Atwell.

I also bought a couple deceased players that I have other autographs of including Bobby Thomson and Jim Delsing.

I also bought Cloyd Boyer, who is a good signer through the mail.  I'm not sure why I bought it.  Maybe I was confused with Clete Boyer, who has passed away.

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