Sunday, January 30, 2011

TwinsFest is Over

After the Kubel line, we went back to the main building and went through a line with Neshek, Swarzak and Frank Quilici. There was about 25 minutes until it closed and my son figured we might as well stay to the end so we could say we were at every minute of TwinsFest. So, we were at every minute of TwinsFest.

We went out to dinner and then spread all of our autographs on the dining room table for pictures, as we do every year.

I'll probably take a break tomorrow evening, then begin the process of scanning in all of our autographs. I think this year we broke the 100 mark.

As far as the overall experience, I think it went surprisingly well, considering the last minute change of venue. The only downsides were the shortage of activities for kids and having to stand outside to get in to the second building.

Anyone else go? How did you think it went?

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