Sunday, January 30, 2011

TwinsFest Day Three

We arrived in Blaine (I'm a little tired of the 45 minute drive) about 25 minutes before the doors opened to find that there weren't nearly as many people in line as we thought there might be.

We're in the smaller building today, waiting for Delmon Young and Danny Valencia, but the don't start signing until 11:00. Nathan is signing in here at 9:15. If his line dwindles down to nothing, I'll have my son run over and get him for me on a 2008 All Star ball.

It was a cold wait, but shorter than I expected.

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Captain Canuck said...

if it makes you feel any better about the drive, it's a 35 minute drive for me to get to work, and a 45 minute drive to get to my local card store.
And I'm just going from south Calgary, to not quite north Calgary.