Monday, January 24, 2011

Morneau to Skip TwinsFest?!?

According to this ESPN article, the Twins have asked Justin Morneau to skip TwinsFest and continue training it Arizona to recover from his concussion.  They keep trying to say that he's doing fine, but if he can't travel to Minnesota from Arizona for a weekend event, can he really be doing that well?  I have to wonder if his recovery isn't going as well as they say it is.

And what does this mean for TwinsFest?  I noticed his name is no longer on the list to appear.  No Morneau, no Killebrew, Blyleven personalizing everything.  Not that I would try to get in Morneau's line, but all the people that would stand in his line will now be in other lines instead.  Thome isn't on the list yet, but hopefully he'll be there.  Otherwise, Mauer will be the only really big attraction.

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