Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't have any new items to share. I did receive a 1976 Sports Illustrated I bought on eBay. The cover has a nice picture of Carlton Fisk tagging out some Yankee at the plate. I recently sent a card out to Fisk. If that comes back, I'll sent the magazine too.

After the Denard Span signing last weekend, I decided I needed to restock my autograph supplies. I was down to one bat and no mini helmets. I placed an order with andersonkpt for a dozen of the Metrodome commemorative baseballs and 6 bats. That order arrived today, but I only got 7 of the balls. Maybe they're sold out?

I also ordered a dozen mini helmets on eBay. Those haven't yet arrived. When I get those, I should be in good shape for a while, probably until TwinsFest next January.

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