Friday, July 17, 2009

Carlton Fisk - Another TTM Casualty

After an excruciating day of driving several hundred miles to pick my son up at camp and getting him to his baseball tournament game, only to watch them lose miserably, I was excited to come home to a small padded envelope in my mail box with my name and address written in my own handwriting. That is, until I opened it.

Carlton Fisk has recently begun signing through the mail for a $40 donation to a Cancer-related charity. A bargain compared to his normal show fee. I sent a 2008 Goudey to him on July 6th. I can't remember if I included a semi-rigid card holder with my request, but the card he returned to me was not in a holder, and was loose within the small padded envelope, and the card is creased across the bottom from side to side.

I think I will send another one and include this so they can see what happened. Hopefully they'll sign another card to replace this damaged one.

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Tom said...

Ouch! That happened to a 1962 Bob Aspromonte card that I sent off recently. I feel your pain!