Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Johnny Blanchard Dies at 76

I didn't really intend my blog to be an obituary for baseball players, but today I have more bad news. Johnny Blanchard died of a heart attack at his home this morning. He was 76.

My son and I met him just six weeks ago at a signing here in Minnesota. He was very friendly and very kind to my son. We got several items signed, but both of us will always remember his great stories, how much he seemed to appreciate his fans, and my son getting a chance to wear his World Series ring!

No returns in the mail today or yesterday. I sent out three more today, and was planning on sending more, but my printer ran out of ink.

I've only sent out 53 requests so far this year, so I'm well behind my goal of sending out 365 (average of one a day). I have started typing and printing my letters rather than hand-writing them all. this greatly speeds up the process, so I'm hopeful that I'll meet my goal. I also received about 40 cards that I bought on eBay to send out so I should get a bunch more in the mail next week.

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