Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are the Tigers Crazy?

I think the Detroit Tiger's have lost their minds. They released Gary Sheffield today. Sheffield has 499 home runs. Even though he's 40 years old and apparently his bat speed has slowed considerably, getting his 500th home run this year is inevitable. The Tiger's are in rough shape. The pitching staff is in shambles, and the 12% unemployment rate in Michigan has the team very concerned about ticket sales.

I can't think of a better ticket seller than the opportunity to see someone hit their 500th home run. They already owe him $14 million, why not use him as a ticket draw this season? Only play him during home games to guarantee that the home crowd will get to witness the event. I don't get it. I guess the Phillies are interested. Good for them.

No returns again today. It's Tuesday, so what would I expect? I wrote another four requests today but then ran out of envelopes. I'm up to 66 requests for the year, which is about 24 short of being on track to send out 365 requests for the year.

I read an article in the Star Tribune today about Harmon Killebrew giving Justin Morneau some advice on hitting more home runs. Killebrew basically told him to stand closer to the plate and pull the ball more. Morneau said he tried it but it wasn't comfortable and he doesn't want to give up hitting for average to get more home runs.

If it were me, I'd listen to Killebrew. He hit 573 homers. I think he knows a thing or two about hitting.

Morneau used to sign through the mail. He has signed for me twice. The first time, I think he was playing with Rochester. Then in 2004 he signed his 2003 Topps Heritage via the Twins for me. Killebrew also used to sign through the mail, occasionally for free. I received three cards signed by him through the mail over the last few years. He still signs through the mail, but now requires a contribution to his charitable foundation.

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Nature Writer said...

Just out of curiosity, what is Killebrew's favorite charity?