Monday, January 02, 2017

My 2017 Collecting Goals

My 2017 goals won't be much different than my 2016 goals.  I have decided not to try to set a goal for TTM requests.  Most of the cards I need now will probably have to be bought. 

I've also tried not to set goals that will require me to spend a ton of money, but we'll see how that goes.

So, here they are:

Goal - Add three signed cards to my 1958 set.

Goal - Add 10 signed cards to my 1961 set.  I haven't worked on this very seriously so this will be a bit different this year.

Goal - Add five signed cards to my 1963 set.

Goal - Add five signed cards to my 1965 set.

Goal - Add 10 signed cards to my 1972 set.

Goal - Add two signed bobbleheads to my collection.

That's it.  It doesn't sounds like much, but I've made good progress on many of my sets over the years and the remaining cards are getting expensive.

I do intend to go to TwinsFest later this month for at least two of the days.  So far though, I don't think that event will help me make any progress on these goals, with the possible exception of the bobbleheads. 

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