Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hrbek Bobblehead

I spent the last of my birthday money adding to my Twins bobblehead collection.  This completes the original four bobbleheads given out by the Twins, also including Killebrew, Pucket and Oliva.

I plan on getting the Oliva and Hrbek bobbleheads signed at the next TwinsFest.  Last weekend I spent some time trying to figure out which Twins SGA (Stadium Give Away) bobbleheads I still don't have in my collection.

I still need:

2002 - Jim Kaat
2002 - Cristian Guzman
2005 - Johann Santana - Cy Young
2007 - Joe Mauer - Batting Title
2007 - Justin Morneau
2008 - Dan Gladden

I pretty much stop collecting after the 2009 bobbleheads because they got pretty cheap looking.  I might also get the Willingham if he's still with the Twins and going to be appearing at TwinsFest.

I also have many of the bobbleheads signed, including:

2000 - Harmon Killebrew
2001 - Rod Carew
2003 - Corey Koskie
2004 - Shannon Stewart
2004 - Joe Mauer
2004 - Paul Molitor
2005 - Jacque Jones
2005 - Joe Nathan
2006 - Brad Radke
2006 - Jack Morris
2007 - Michael Cuddyer
2008 - Delmon Young

I also have both the 1987 and 1991 World Series sets, as well as the 1965 World Series Hurriance Katrina charity set, with many autographed.

My basement is starting to look a little creepy with all the bobbleheads.

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