Saturday, August 04, 2012

Former Twins

I've been working on some of the Allen & Ginter and Heritage Twins team sets casually, mostly through the mail and at TwinsFest.  It gets tougher when players start leaving the team!

I bought a 2012 Topps Heritage signed by Jason Marquis from a fellow SCN member.  Jason didn't last long with the Twins.  I did see him at TwinsFest last January, but at that time, there weren't any cards of him in a Twins uniform.

I also bought several Allen & Ginter cards from an Ebay seller.  These aren't tough cards to get since Cuddyer and Nathan are pretty good through the mail signers, but they were relatively cheap, so I bought them instead of sending them out.

I don't know where Brian Bass is now, so I bought his card as well.

Liriano is really what got me started looking for these on Ebay.  I wanted to get a few of the cards that I wasn't able to get signed when he was here.  He wasn't at TwinsFest last January.

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