Monday, August 13, 2012

1970 Twins Yearbook

I recently bought a 1970 Twins Yearbook on Ebay that was "...signed by Tony Oliva, Frank Quilici and others".

It was the "others" that drew my attention.  I had visions of Danny Thompson, Cesar Tovar and Bob Allison.  I also like to try to figure out who the unknown autographs are.

Well, I didn't get any rare autographs, but it was still fun.  It turns out two of the autographs are from Red Sox players: Gary Peters and Chuck Hartenstein.

The Twins autographs are: Dick Woodson, Brant Alyea, Frank Quilici, Paul Ratliff, Tony Oliva and Stan Williams.  None of them are tough to get with the exception of Paul Ratliff, who doesn't sign through the mail much at all.

It appears the pen that was used didn't work to well, since the Chuck Hartenstein and Tony Oliva autographs have spots where the ink is missing, but you can see the indentation on the magazine itself left by the ballpoint pen.

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