Thursday, March 08, 2012

1972 Topps Purchases

Still no ttm returns, although I have sent out another 10 or so requests this week.  I should start getting a few back very soon.

While preparing for a Chris Potter Sports signing, I was looking for some 1972 Topps on Ebay.  However, I came across signed copies of some 1972 Topps for sale, also from Chris Potter.  So, I was able to but a few for cheaper than it would have cost me to buy unsigned cards and send them in to his signings.  I did also buy some unsigned cards to send in as well.

I ended up buying 9 signed cards including Bill Singer, Paul Blair, Doug Rader, Rick Auerbach, Darrel Chaney, Sonny Siebert, Earl Williams, Gene Alley and George Culver.



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