Saturday, December 03, 2011

May 12th, 1967 - Kansas City A's 2, Minnesota Twins 1

We went to the TCSCC card show today in Bloomington.  I had pretty good luck.  I bought a little over 20 vintage cards to send out including six 1956 Topps and ten 1953 Topps.  I forgot my list of 1972 cards I need so I didn't get any more of those.

At the auction, I bought a 1967 Twins Program that has 13 signatures.  The original owner must have had seats by the visitors dugout because all but one of the signatures is from the A's players.  These include Roger Repoz, Bert Campaneris, Jack Aker, John Odom, Joe Nossek, Phil Roof, Ted Kubiak, Chuck Dobson, Mike Hershberger, Ramon Webster, Jim Nash and Sal Bando.  Sam Mele, manager of the Twins, also signed it.

For under $20, it seemed like a good deal.  Most of the guys that signed it are good signers ttm, with the exception of Chuck Dobson and Ramon Webster.  Even Sam Mele, at 89 years old, is still a good signer.

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Anonymous said...

Mele is still around?! Well, good for him!

Sweet pickup.