Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Last Joe Nathan Autograph?

We had great seats to the Twins game last night.  Dangerous, but nice.  The line drives come pretty quick right above the dugout!

My older son got a ball tossed to him by Trevor Plouffe after the first inning as he was heading back into the dugout.  Thanks Trevor!  Plouffe ended up being the hero of the game, knocking in the winning run.  I think my son will get Plouffe to sign that ball at TwinsFest next year.

Before the game, Joe Nathan was signing autographs by the dugout.  We weren't prepared for autographs so we had nothing to have him sign.  However, I did get a 2011 Topps Heritage in the mail from Joe yesterday as well. The Twins have an option for Nathan next year but it's not a guarantee that they'll exercise it.  I may have gotten my last Joe Nathan autograph.

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