Monday, March 21, 2011

Yastrzemski and Orlando Hudson

Two great returns today!  First, I received the 1972 Topps signed by Carl Yastrzemski that I sent it to Bud's Sports Cards last month.  This is the third card I've sent in to Bud's to get signed by Yaz, and it's been handled perfectly each time.  Yaz isn't cheap, and I paid $10 more for this card than I did last time two years ago.  There is also an "In Action" card from the 1972 Topps for Yaz, but I didn't want to spend that much so I'll wait and do that some other time.

I also had a nice surprise today.  I had noticed on SCN that Orlando Hudson had been signing from the Padre's spring training address, so I sent three 2010 Allen & Ginters for me and my sons.  I explained in my letter that we didn't have a chance to see him at TwinsFest and we'd appreciate it if he'd sign these for us.  I doubt they even read the letters, but the cards came back signed.  I'm really happy to add this card to my 2010 set, which I started at TwinsFest and posted about here.

That makes six I have signed from this set, including Hudson, Kubel, Young, Cuddyer, Span and Baker.  There are six I"m missing.  I'm still hopeful I'll get Nathan, Pavano and Liriano, but I don't have high hopes of getting Thome, Mauer or Morneau. 

I'm watching the Twins and Pirates spring training game on tv tonight.  It definitely makes it feel like spring!

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