Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Justin Morneau Signed Baseballs

We received the Justin Morneau signed baseballs from the Lojo Sports signing. Lojo wasn't taking mail order, but an SCN contact had arranged to send in a large number of items.

My sons and I each sent in a ball. Johnny sent in a regular Rawlings Official Major League Ball (romlb) and had Morneau sign it on the sweet spot.

David sent in a 2008 All-Star ball and got it signed by the logo.

And I sent in a HHH Metrodome commemorative ball and had it signed by the logo.

Although we had to pay for these, it wasn't too expensive, and definitely better than standing in line for six hours to get them signed. Each ball has a numbered hologram sticker attached to it along with a COA with a matching number.

Unfortunately, it looks like Justin is out for the rest of the season. Apparently he has a stress fracture somewhere in his back.

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