Friday, May 08, 2009

Baseball Digest

I have a bunch of signed magazines, mostly "Sport" or "Sports Illustrated", because they have great color photos of players on the cover.

I also have a couple of "Baseball Digest" magazines signed. These magazines are much smaller, about the size of a Reader's Digest or T.V. Guide. The photos on the cover are black and white as well. Still, I like the looks of them and the black and white photo makes a blue ink autograph show up pretty well.

I haven't actually read the contents of the magazine, but the layout is quite boring. Just text on cheap paper that yellows quite easily. There are no photos in the articles either.

The two I have signed include Don Larsen, who signed this for me back in 2003, and Johnny Podres, who signed his back in 2004. Mr. Podres passed away in January of 2008.

These magazines are great for getting signed, but I would rate them pretty low as just an old magazine to read. I prefer the Sport and Sports Illustrated magazines, and much prefer the Famous Sluggers Yearbooks.

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