Saturday, November 21, 2020

Jim Price and Bobby Shantz Returns

 A while ago a bought a few very inexpensive signed 1971 Topps, but then realized one of those players is also a reasonably good signer.  Jim (Jimmie) Price signed his 1971 Topps for me in about a month.

He sometimes take a few months to sign according to the requests logged on SCN, but I got mine back pretty quickly.  I always prefer to have an autograph via ttm rather than a purchase if I can, so I'm happy to get this one.

My other return was from Bobby Shantz.  Definitely a ttm hall of famer.  About a week after I sent this request, I read on SCN that he had fallen and broken his hip and elbow!  Mr. Shantz is 95 years old and must be pretty tough because he got back home very quickly and his signature still looks great!  He signed his 1955 Bowman for me.

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