Wednesday, October 14, 2020

1971 Topps Purchases

 I finally received the package I was waiting on last might, about 7:30 p.m.

I purchased five signed 1971 Topps from Mickey's.  These cards are from deceased players, tough signers, or were cheaper than buying the card and sending to the player. 

The lot included:

Rod Gaspar - Mr. Gaspar charges $5 per card to sign, which is pretty reasonable.  But I bought this card for less than that.

Bob Heise - Mr. Heise signs for free, but his 1971 Topps card is in the high number series (#691) and I was able to buy this signed card cheaper than an unsigned card.

Ed Kranepool - I recently had a failure when I sent to Mr. Kranepool as he now charges $10 per autograph.  I was able to buy this for less than half of that.

Milt Pappas - Mr. Pappas passed away in 2016 and was charging $10 per autograph at that time.  I was able to buy this one for $3.

Jimmie Price - There hasn't been a success from Mr. Price since May, so I decided to go ahead and buy this card instead of taking the chance of sending to him and never receiving it back.

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