Sunday, September 09, 2018

Kaat, James and Skizas

I returned home from a long weekend to a few returns in my mailbox.

Jim Kaat signed a Gold Glove baseball for me for a donation that goes towards supporting youth baseball.  This joins Brooks Robinson in my Gold Glove baseball collection.  Both players won 16 Gold Glove Awards!

Lou Skizas signed his 1957 and 1959 Topps for me.  He signed the 1957 on the back, probably because the front is pretty dark.

Finally, after four attempts, Cleo James signed his 1972 Topps for my set.  I'm really happy to get this one back.  In the past, I have received my card back with a note to send to the MLBPAA for autographs, despite seeing others getting returns from him.  I took another chance and am glad to add this to my collection.

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