Friday, June 05, 2015

A Success?

I was happy to see a return in my mailbox yesterday, but then disappointed after opening it.

Bud Zipfel signed a 1963 Topps, but the ballpoint pen wasn't working.  You can see a little ink in the "B" in his first name, but beyond that, you can only see the indentation on the card, and no ink.

I think I"ll wait a while and send another.  Unfortunately, I had enclosed his $5 fee.


Unknown said...

Bummer, I wonder how he didn't notice that himself?

Droidtrader said...

I wondered that too!

N. Diunte said...

I would send it back with a polite note (or a replacement card) and see if he signs it. Maybe even send a thin sharpie marker with the request.