Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye Willingham

I suppose it was inevitable, but yesterday the Twins traded Josh Willingham.  Willingham hadn't been hitting the home runs like he has in the past, but I really enjoy watching a batter you know can put one in the seats at any time.

I had pretty good luck getting some autographs from him during the time he was here.  Mostly TwinsFest, and one time at Festival Foods in Brooklyn Park back in 2012.

I have several cards signed, as well as a ball, mini helmet, photo and my favorite: his bobblehead.


I also bought his game-used, signed cleats and batting glove from FanHQ.

I'm really glad I got him to sign his bobblehead this year at TwinsFest, but I'm disappointed I didn't get a chance to have him sign his 2014 Topps Heritage card.  I'm losing ground on that set fast since they're trading players faster than I can get them signed. 

I don't have any of the set signed yet, and already Kevin Coerreia and Willingham are gone.  Pelfrey had elbow surgery.  Will he ever be back?  Hicks is back in the minors.  We'll see how many guys from the set are still around once TwinsFest 2015 rolls around.

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