Saturday, April 06, 2013

Johnny Bench and Pete Rose - In Person

Today my older son and I headed up to Brooklyn Center for the Sports News Productions Show.

I had an 11x14 of Ernie Banks and Johnny Bench that I had signed by Banks a couple of years ago.  So I had Johnny Bench sign it today to finish it off.

My son found a cool 8x10 on eBay of Pete Rose barreling over Dave Rader (I think), with Johnny Bench signaling safe in the background, so he had both of them sign it today.

Both players were very nice.  Johnny Bench shook everyone's hand.  Rose told my son that it looked like he was safe in the picture.

Also at the show were Meadowlark Lemon and Cal Ripken Jr.

Other players there included Jerry Rice, Eddie Murray, and Frank Robinson.  These shows are always well organized and run pretty smoothly.  It's about an hour drive for us, but about our only opportunity to see players of this caliber other than at TwinsFest.

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