Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My TwinsFest Purchase

One of the highlights of TwinsFest for me this year was purchasing an original painting from Robert Blehert.  He was showing some of his work at the FanHQ booth including some paintings on baseballs, basketballs, mini helmets and bats.

One item that caught my eye was this painting of Joe Mauer.

It's painted on a 16x20 piece of the Metrodome roof!  I talked to him a while about it and his other paintings and finally asked how much he was charging for this piece.  We haggled  a little bit and finally I decided to buy it.

My sons really like these paintings too.  I bought my younger son a canvas print of Johan Santana from FanHQ a couple years ago.  My older son has bought a few 8x10 prints and got them signed including Danny Valencia and Michael Cuddyer.  He bought one of Rod Carew, but he wouldn't sign it at TwinsFest last year.

You can check out Mr. Blehert's work at his website here.

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