Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Carlos Gomez and Some 1972 Topps Purchases

I haven't been mailing out many requests, but I did send some cards to a Carlos Gomez signing and purchased some 1972 Topps from Mickey's on Ebay, all of which arrived in my mailbox today.

I've been trying to work on some of the Allen & Ginter and Topps Heritage Twins team sets so I took the opportunity to have Gomez sign his 2008 AG and 2009 TH.

I had this photo of him to get signed at TwinsFest or some other opportunity but then he was traded from the team.  I decided to send this in as well since I think it's a cool picture.  Gomez's signature isn't too impressive!

I purchased four signed 1972 Topps but I already had two of them.  I"m not sure what I was thinking.  They weren't too expensive, so no harm done I guess. I added Dick Williams and Joe Rudi as the two cards I didn't have yet.

Ken Singleton and Jim Roland are the duplicates.

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