Saturday, June 04, 2011

Six Returns Today

Today was a nice day at the mailbox with six returns.  On May 27th I sent out about 15 requests, mostly 1960 Topps that I picked up for $1 each at the last TCSCC show I went to.

I received 1960 Topps back from Bob Anderson, Ed Fitzgerald, and Hal Naragon.  Mr. Naragon, a former Twin, wrote me a short note thanking me for writing and wishing me good luck with my collection.

Frank Malzone also signed a 1960 Topps as well as a 1962 Topps.

Duke Carmel signed a 1964 Topps.

Finally, Monte Irvin signed a 1954 Topps.  I had enclosed $10 with my request.

I'm running low on cards to send out.  I am going to send a baseball to Carl Erskine and might think of a few other guys top send baseballs to.  I also need to go through my stack of magazines and see if there are any to send out.