Saturday, May 14, 2011

1955 Sports Illustrateds

A couple of days ago I received two magazines I bought from the same seller on eBay.  Both are Sports Illustrateds from 1955 and contain pages of the Topps cards for that year.  I've been looking for some decent, affordable copies of these on and off for a few years and finally found some.

The first one is from April 11th, 1955 and has Willie Mays, Leo Durocher and Loraine Day on the cover.  According to the Willie Mays biography I read, this cover caused quite a stir because Willie had his arm around a white woman.

The page of cards inside includes Ernie Banks, Warren Spahn and Dick Groat.  Not Mays though.  The page is simply a printed page like others in the magazine.  I had thought perhaps it would be a thicker paper, and possibly perforated to take the cards out.  It's probably a good thing it wasn't, or there wouldn't have been many that survived intact.

The second magazine is from April 18th, 1955 and has Al Rosen on the cover.  I never noticed it until I bought it, but Rosen is batting, and the catcher is also on the Indians.  This picture must have been taken during a practice.

The cards in this magazine include Rosen, Roy Sievers and Bob Turley.

I have no intention of getting either of these magazines signed.  I'll just leave them as they are.

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