Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Beginning of My Son's Mets Collection

My younger son became a Mets fan the day they signed Johan Santana.  He recently has become a little more interested in getting some autographs through the mail so I bought him the Ron Lewis 1969 Mets postcard set.

He's sent out about a dozen so far and today he got back his first return.  Al Weis signed his postcard in only four days.

I bought a signed and authenticated Harmon Killebrew 1972 Topps on eBay for less than his signing fee at TwinsFest, which seemed like a bargain to me.  I had bought another one for the same as his signing fee, and gave that one to my older son.


ND said...

I have an extra signed Jerry Koosman from that set if you are interested in it. Let me know.

Fuji said...

Signed postcards are one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia in our hobby... your son's first piece is awesome! The Killebrew isn't too shabby either. Congratulations to both of you.